AC Sapão



W 75 x D 72 x H 60 cm


Structure: Natural or stained freijó wood
Upholstery: Natural leather or fabric

Poltrona Sapão

Created by Fernando in 2013, the Sapão armchair brings grandeur and comfort to any space.

Poltrona Sapão
Poltrona Sapão

Behind the design

Its backrest that becomes arms are open and inviting, and the legs were inspired by the Adho Mukha, one of the most traditional yoga poses where the practitioner supports their hands and feet on the ground, forming an inverted V shape.


The Sapão armchair can be upholstered in leather or fabric, and its stitching is precise and clear, ensuring an extra charm to the piece.

The practice of yoga had a significant impact on Fernando's life, influencing even his designs.