Oficina Fernando Mendes

The Workshop

Carpentry with truth in its essence and aesthetics.

Marcenaria com verdade

The workshop is where Fernando Mendes' creations come to life, using manual tools and artisanal production techniques. Wood is sanded, cut, and treated with skill and passion.

Fernando Mendes

Fernando Mendes challenges the limits of craftsmanship in a manual process that combines the excellence of master carpenters with a passion for the art of revealing the textures and grains of the wood.

To live by authenticity.

More than having a timeless design, our works are drawn to exist through time, revealing beauty and authenticity with the comfort of precise craftsmanship in their production.

Moving forward without ceasing to look back.

In the quest to expand the act of creation, we draw inspiration from the past to forge a future that learns and evolves from what has already been done. We present creative works with timeless aesthetics.

Embracing chance and imperfections.

We believe in the randomness of the creative process. An engineering of senses that incorporates the aesthetics of nature, exposing textures, knots, and other organic elements of wood in each piece.