BC Antonio

Banco Antonio


Ø 35 x A 43 cm


Structure: natural or stained freijó wood

Small, light, and full of charm. This is the Antonio stool, a versatile piece that can be used as a footrest, for decoration, or to support a book next to the armchair.

Banco Antonio
Banco Antonio

Behind the design

Made of freijó wood, it stands at 43 cm in height and is entirely made of freehand turned pieces: the seat, the three legs, and the two crosspieces.


The hole in the center of the seat was designed to be used as a handle, making it easier to transport while adding personality to the stool’s aesthetics.

Its name was chosen as a tribute to the skilled Portuguese turner, Antônio Fernandes da Rocha, who for over fifteen years handled all the turning work for Fernando's projects.