AC Aviador

Poltrona Aviador


W 66 x D 65 x H 68 cm


Structure: natural or stained freijó wood
Upholstery: Natural leather or fabric

The Aviador armchair was one of the first pieces of furniture designed by Fernando, eager to use sophisticated joints and create exquisite craftsmanship.

Desenho da Poltrona Aviador

Behind the design

The idea was to join three pieces in a single joint: seat, backrest, and rear leg, creating a three-pointed star.


The piece incorporates elements with an aeronautical touch: the shape of the arms, metal rods reminiscent of struts from old biplanes, and rear crosspiece end caps shaped like a “spinner,” that´s the reason it was named Aviator.

In 2008, the Aviator armchair won 1st place in the Furniture category at the 22nd “Museu da Casa Brasileira” Design Award.