BC Irene



Ø 38 x A 50 cm


Structure: natural or stained freijó wood

Three legs, a comfortable seat, and simple lines. The Irene stool is a piece that Fernando designed for low counters, ranging from 80 to 85 cm in height.

Banco Irene
Banco Irene
Banco Irene

Behind the design

The central idea of this project was to create a comfortable seat where the user could rest their feet on the ground. The solution was to shape the edges of the seat in a downward curvature, resembling a mushroom, to avoid pressure on the legs, with the center of the seat in a slight concave dip.


Made of freijó wood, the Irene stool is 50 cm in height, with a seat higher than that of a chair but not so high that it requires foot support in its structure.

The stool is named after Irene Seigle, a great friend of Fernando.