TB Grampo

Mesa Grampo


Grampo (3 pieces)
recommended diamenter :
de 110 a 150 cm x 15 mm (esp.)

Grampo (4 pieces)
maximum recommended area:
1,70 m² x 15 mm (esp.)


Structure: muiracatiara wood

Mesa Grampo

Style + creativity = Grampo coffee table, a unique piece created in 2013 by Fernando Mendes.

Mesa Grampo
Mesa Grampo
Mesa Grampo

Behind the design

It is part of a collection of furniture inspired by woodwork tools. In this project, clamps, or “sargentos” in Portuguese, are installed on a glass top and are used as the table’s legs.


Crafted from muiracatiara wood in a meticulous woodworking process. For round or triangular tabletops, three clamps are used, and for square or rectangular tops, four clamps are used.

The convenience of this table design its extremely simple assembly.